Private Equity –

At times business require equity partner who not only provide support to growth of business but also at appropriate valuation. The task require specialized skills in understanding the outlook of industry and particular business, and building the value creation story with specified mile stones to generate comfort for the prospective investor. Thereafter, our team present the case to appropriate investor so both, entrepreneur and investor, have value to their investment.

Listing Mandate –

Bringing equity is the first mile stone for a business and unlocking the equity is important mile stone for appropriate business valuation. Our team helps businesses in unlocking their value and getting them listed in domestic or international exchanges.

Stress Funding –

Stress Funding is required when a business is not performing as expected or may be requiring a money to met any urgent business requirement so as to deliver its commitments or maintain its business operations. These type of funding not only require expertise but also require relevant experience in handling the transaction as well as appropriate business connects and proposal drafting / presentation skills. We provide all these solutions under one roof – M C N Capital Advisors.

Last Mile / First Mile / Bridge Funding –

These are the funding require to start the business pending sanction / disbursement of normal credit lines by lenders or to meet extra business requirement of the project or business to complete the project or transaction. These type of funding providing by specified bankers only to whom M C N Capital Advisor is having appropriate reach.